science of attraction

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For the study, more than 300 men rated the attractiveness of female silhouettes that had lumbar curvatures ranging from 26
The researchers aren't sure exactly why students were judged more attractive after having one drink, but they offered some
A new study suggests looking at a man’s hands will tell you a lot about his heart.
Previous research suggests digit ratio is determined by the amount of testosterone and other male hormones to which a fetus
A woman's face may also appear more attractive to men during the most fertile point in her cycle. A British study conducted
The findings were published in the journal Physiology and Behavior. When it comes to men, on the other hand, research has
"Nevertheless, I hope to see more research along these lines on the cognitive and personality factors affecting perceptions
So suggests a provocative new study showing a link between internet access and the potential mates we find most attractive
Many animals communicate using pheromones, but evidence of human pheromones has been inconclusive. Studies suggest that androstadienone