science of attraction

"If you want to know if someone's in love with you and you're close enough to them to ask this question, the question to
"Over the course of human history, women faced the adaptive problem of a forwarded-shifted center of mass during pregnancy
No doubt you've heard that even unattractive people can start to look smokin' hot after you've downed a drink or three. What
A new study suggests looking at a man’s hands will tell you a lot about his heart.
Fisher cites a study in which participants selected faces of 32 women, and used a computer program to make their features
Researchers have long had a hypothesis that hormonal changes during times of peak fertility in a woman's menstrual cycle
Zhang's research is part of a growing inquiry into the link between personality and physical attractiveness. A 2010 study
People with internet access were also more likely to have a TV in their homes, further exposing them to influence from the
Smelling one chemical signal or the other produced about an 8 percent change in gender perception — a very significant effect
Previous studies have found that women living in harsher conditions—such as communities with high homicide rates and low
A WHR of 0.7 on women was rated as most attractive in European cultures, while a ratio of 0.8 or 0.9 was found most attractive