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By Drake Baer The presidential rise of Donald Trump has thrust Wendy Behary’s field into the national spotlight: She’s the
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Loneliness is an emotion that doesn't always make a lot of sense. Two people may have very similar social lives, and yet one might feel isolated more often than the other -- even when surrounded by people they know and love, who know and love them back.
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Social and emotional skills vary from person to person, of course, but generally speaking, people are decent at reading each other -- better than chance, anyway, which is in itself rather remarkable.
These results, the researchers write, fall in line with previous work around altruism and sexuality: In hunter-gatherer societies
As more people opt for the single life, adult friendships also grow more important. For people in relationships, having a
(Photo: Toni Barth/EyeEm) That's the title of Burnett's book -- Idiot Brain: What Your Head Is Really Up To -- which Science
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