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But let us not mislead the public about the significance of individual, incremental steps in the arc of science, nor promulgate the notion that "crowdsourcing" scientific discovery will get us where we need to go.
On July 14 (Bastille Day for my colleagues in France), astronomers the world over will be closely watching their computers as NASA's New Horizons Pluto-Kuiper Belt Mission probe will come within "approach" distance and fly by the dwarf planet Pluto and its largest moon, Charon.
In reality, however, this is relatively low-hanging fruit. Virtually no one in Congress publicly opposes greater funding
I open the window, take a deep breath and look at the sky. What do you do to de-stress, recharge and stay balanced? Depending
The exchange of research happens in real time among members of ResearchGate -- rather than through slow-moving and expensive
Spending most of your day applying for grants rather than conducting science can affect your psychological state. And as
Told that his ultimatum that non-defense spending get relief made him a liberal equivalent of Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), Durbin
Should the measure fail to halt industry maleficence, Warren’s bill would produce a windfall for a federal research funding
The brain fascinates me, and my perfect career is to explore the mysteries of the brain while curing patients. Dr. Catherine Black, on Black Box, is exactly the type of neurologist I aspire to be.