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A fun, animated science video about probiotics.
In case you're wondering: ankylosing spondylitis is an inflammatory disorder of the skeleton, and a sphygmomanometer measures
Drunk Birds Slur Their 'Speech' Just Like Humans
Caution: Just because the people in these videos seem not to have been harmed does NOT mean it's safe to try experiments
Check out his first video on sea level rise and gin and tonics here. His latest video explains global warming using a sweater
Got that? Here's the short answer: This YouTube video (above) features a flask of cyclohexane that's been put under a vacuum
Results: Just check out the video above (top) to see the whole procedure in super slow-motion. And if you'd like to know
(Hat tip, Laughing Squid) Last fall, Ukrainian astronomers asserted that a giant asteroid could hit Earth in 2032, but NASA
Economists use it to keep our society stable financially. You likely bet your life that your doctor has a solid grasp of
Awhile back the ever-playful YouTube duo The Slow Mo Guys showed us what it looks like when rubberbands make a watermelon