Scientific consensus

Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-Okla.) will take over control of the space agency after seven-month standoff.
Communicating climate change is hard. Debunking climate myths is even harder. Take it from me, I've spent the last decade researching climate communication and the psychology of misinformation. So let me express my expert opinion on a Jimmy Kimmel comedy segment on climate change.
How was Santorum able to take peer-reviewed scientific research and distort it beyond recognition? To understand how science can get distorted, you need to understand the techniques of science denial.
While Bush has been branded a "moderate" by some on climate change, he has previously stated that he's "a skeptic." Bush
In his speech today, Sec. Kerry was mum about the Keystone XL pipeline decision that his State Department is responsible for making a recommendation to the President on whether to approve or deny.
Scholars and the general public continue to debate whether media violence does or does not contribute to aggression or violence in society. As part of that debate, it's not uncommon to hear arguments about whether a scholarly consensus exists on the issue of media violence.
Research into treatment-resistant depression is particularly hampered by the "silo" effect -- a myriad of individual projects with very specific parameters. In 2010 a woman named Audrey Gruss decided to do something about this seemingly intractable dysfunction.
"When I first came to Santa Fe, it always snowed by Halloween and the ski area always opened by the end of November," observes Michael Wigley, a local skiing legend. "Now we are lucky if we have decent snow before Christmas.
Americans are now about evenly split on whether the threat of global warming is exaggerated and whether scientists agree on its causes and dangers. This in the face of clear scientific consensus.
In another disturbing instance of politically-motivated intimidation of climate scientists, last week Virginia AG Cuccinelli issued a new civil investigative demand to UVA for emails and documents related to Dr. Michael Mann.
 The head of the National Academy of Sciences has indicated that we know more about the link between man and climate change than we do smoking and lung cancer.