scientific illiteracy

If you get your news from social media, the headline is especially important.
When fiction becomes confused with fact, we sever our critical tether to reality. The conclusions from years of careful research, scrutinized by competing scientists and published in peer-reviewed journals carry no more weight with the public than the random thoughts of a bloated pundit.
I am dismayed by the request by Answers in Genesis for equal time in Cosmos for creationist viewpoints. Answers in Genesis is dedicated to a literal young-Earth creationism that declares that the Earth was created in six 24-hour days around 6,000 years ago.
In our embrace of ignorance we have lost our ability to think critically, to evaluate evidence and weigh it accordingly. Disdain for science and the scientific method is seen clearly enough in the field of candidates on stage with Bachmann.
To a broth of established religious superstition add a pinch of life, death and heaven, add a cute little innocent boy and simmer until a gullible public lines up to buy the story -- voila, a best seller.