Scoliosis involves a curvature in the spine that usually appears during the teen years, although it can also development
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So here we are again, wobbling. But this is a mental wobble with more risk than anything she's ever had to experience. I can feel the struggle she's experiencing by just watching her.
Surgery is recommended because if scoliosis becomes severe enough, it can cause back pain, impact the lungs by impairing
While many believe the world is my cubicle, on days of weakness, the best desk is my bed. Everyone has something rare and
There's an old adage about the adaptability of kids: They'll consume anything if you feed it to them early enough. My early adopted skill was less practical than most.
Yoga -- free, with "side-effects" such as better posture, enhanced self-esteem and elevated consciousness, can be done without cost, at home, producing results in a brief time -- certainly provides hope
At age 12, I was diagnosed with scoliosis, an abnormal curvature of the spine, during a school health screening. It was my first experience of being my own health care advocate, and I learned the importance of conducting research, including asking questions, and going with your intuition.
Many of us have been told to stand up straight. However, there is nothing straight about the spine. When you look at the spine in profile, it has curves.
Your back is not alone: Your brain organizes your whole body -- your muscles, joints and skeleton -- to function successfully
The brace that I wore was composed of hard plastic that covered my chest and went down past my hips. The icing on the cake
When a woman feels sick, it rarely interferes with her lifestyle. She prepares dinner, does laundry, takes a few minutes to throw up, then car pools. It's what her mother and grandmother did.
As we piled into a reserved room at the tony Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Mr. Cannon, looking the part of his position of chairman at Teen Nick, came off as a humble and down- to- earth guy.
What's more worrying to me than the current tussle over treatments is the apparent uptick in scoliosis in developed countries that correlates nicely with increasingly sedentary lifestyles.
She said that most men don't understand why women love to pamper themselves by getting pedicures, adding: "Usually, guys pamper themselves by buying more expensive beer."