Policies against local law enforcement cooperation with Immigration and Customs Enforcement are coming under increased scrutiny
Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton gave her first major televised interview since launching her 2016 campaign last night.
That program hasn't been rolled out nationwide, and an ICE official said their appeals to San Francisco officials to work
It's a setback, but immigration advocates are determined to make sure the hard-fought victories of Obama's executive actions
As the NFL scandals keep breaking and a greater degree of attention is placed on violence against women, it is my hope that groups which do not get much attention in this conversation are brought more to the forefront: Native American and immigrant women.
WASHINGTON -- Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson hinted on Thursday that a controversial program that helps the government
It's no secret that President Obama could heal the pain of immigrant families facing separation today with the stroke of a pen. But instead of taking action now, the president has ordered a "review" of deportation policies.
A number of local officials and law enforcement leaders across the country have determined they will no longer cooperate
WASHINGTON -- Last Wednesday, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter (D) announced a significant change to the city's law enforcement policies.
As for advocates, they said they will believe that a change is in the works when they see it. * * * * * The revolt against
The president already has the power to reverse his failed immigration and border security policies. Now he just needs the political will and moral courage.
“While Washington waffles on immigration, California’s forging ahead,” Brown said in a press release after signing the legislation
The bill is backed by a number of prominent Democrats, including Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, House Minority Leader
The program is meant to net criminals for deportation -- a relatively uncontroversial idea -- but critics say it doesn't
"When it comes down to it, they are incurring the cost of holding these people," she added. "ICE's response is, 'You're going
The state Senate's Public Safety Committee approved the TRUST Act in a five-to-two vote, meaning it will go to the Appropriations
"Over the past three years, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has dramatically changed the way it conducts immigration
The absence of truth is. That's why I have decided to call Ms. Munoz to a public debate in a Latino community of her choosing.
The Latino and immigrant community has been criminalized and targeted for several years. As a Latino, I find the Obama administration's public relations move to use Cecilia Muñoz, a former immigrant rights advocate, as the spokesperson for their worst immigration policies despicable.