Scotch whisky

There are four particular features of whisky production at Ardbeg that are responsible for its signature style: the peating
BOOKER'S BOURBON (125-130 proof, $70). Cask-strength bourbon (meaning no water is added before bottling, as with most spirits
This is also an excellent whisky. Its Oban roots are obvious but it is sweeter, more nuanced with more distinctive dried
The day of the event, I packed my new clothes in a bag, grabbed a bottle of scotch (in case things went south quickly), and
Rare and limited editions continue to attract strong demand from the United States and northern Europe, according to Milne
About the time that Cadenhead's was expanding into retail stores, it accepted an offer to merge with independent Scotch whisky
To the whisky aficionado there can be no greater calling than to be a whisky judge.
In March of this year CNN Money, using a fund manager named Rickesh Kishnani as a primary source for information, declared that the world is "running low on old single malt Scotch."
"The tie-in with music is so close to my heart," Heather admits. "It's been a difficult road to navigate. But it's all craft