scott atlas

A former Trump adviser is the official commencement speaker at a small public liberal arts school that DeSantis has been trying to push rightward.
“So I learned to put the things that there were issues with into the second part of a sentence,” Donald Trump's COVID coordinator told House members.
President Donald Trump's coronavirus task force lost its most controversial member this week, and many medical experts were relieved.
The doctor supported the idea of herd immunity to tackle the virus and cast doubt on the effectiveness of face masks.
His behavior is “anathema to our values and belief that we should use knowledge for good," according to a new faculty senate resolution.
“Which of your elderly family members are you willing to sacrifice just to see if you’re right?”
Trump's health adviser told Americans to "rise up" against Michigan Gov. Whitmer's new COVID-19 safety rules.
The governor said it "took my breath away" when Dr. Scott Atlas urged people to reject the state's new COVID-19 safety restrictions.
People praised the Democratic governor as President Donald Trump's coronavirus adviser urged a revolt.
Scott Atlas' comments against the Democratic governor are especially alarming given she was recently the target of a far-right kidnapping plot.