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Prosecutors said the statute of limitations had expired in the case of the former "Charles in Charge" co-stars.
Baio is accused of verbal attacks, mental abuse and physical assault.
The actress accused "Charles in Charge" costar of molesting her as underage teen.
The "Charles in Charge" actress said her co-star, over a decade older than her, routinely "penetrated [her] with his finger."
But as unsettling as the above may be, the real loser by 2020 (more likely well before), will be Trump himself. I'm not worried
To Trump, women are an accessory to power, not power themselves.
Trump in Charge And I sing, I want, I want Trump in Charge of me. Trump in Charge Of our days and our nights Trump in Charge
Just a few days ago we learned my wife, Renee has a meningioma brain tumor. Although 90% of these type of tumors are... Posted
Let's face it -- should you find yourself in a situation where, when you're lost out there and you're all alone, a light is waiting to carry you home, then you know you are either dying or somebody slipped some LSD into your cocktail.
Are you a film buff? If so, Pittsburgh PA has the makings of a perfect getaway. With three rivers, 446 bridges, and a New Yorkish downtown, Pittsburgh makes a compelling backdrop for movies.
Henry Winkler / Arthur Fonzarelli Tom Bosley / Howard Cunningham Now: Howard got his start as a child star -- he first-played