scott dekraai

A jail informant scandal has unraveled numerous high-profile cases and threatens to upend still more.
The judge had removed the death penalty as an option because of law enforcement's misuse of a jailhouse informant.
It's a rare move and leaves Scott Dekraai likely facing eight consecutive life sentences.
Legal experts say the jurors' "witch hunt" finding demonstrates the need for an independent probe in Orange County.
As sheriff's department officials clam up, the sentencing in an Orange County massacre remains mired in misconduct.
But that hasn't stopped his Orange County prosecutors from using them to secure convictions for decades.
Erik Petersen is accused of mishandling critical evidence affecting several criminal cases.
Moriel would spend the next two-and-a-half years as a key informant for the cops. As a state's witness, he would testify
Goethals recused DA Tony Rackauckas' entire office from prosecuting Dekraai's case just last week. The ruling followed Sanders
As Goethals read from his ruling Thursday, a visibly distraught Dekraai turned and whispered "I'm sorry" to victims' family
My salon -- Salon Meritage -- was a sunny, cheerful, busy place, but it's no more. At least for now. On October 12, 2011, the worst massacre in Orange County's history occurred there.
If media reports are true, Scott Dekraai had bipolar disorder, a history of violence, wouldn't stay on treatment, and was a perfect candidate for Laura's Law.
From Patch: Raw emotions burst forth Friday when accused mass murderer Scott Evans Dekraai made his first court appearance
ends of Scott Dekraai say he was a lovable sportfishing captain until a gruesome accident killed his co-worker, nearly severed