Scott Gottlieb

For unvaccinated people who haven't already contracted COVID-19, it will be the "most serious" virus of their lives, Scott Gottlieb warned.
Dr. Scott Gottlieb said it will be "hyper-regionalized" in areas with both low vaccination rates and low immunity rates from prior infections.
“We need to think about a different vaccine delivery strategy to get the people who are still reluctant or who still face challenges," Dr. Scott Gottlieb said Sunday.
The number of COVID-19 cases and deaths has remained “fairly persistent” over the last few weeks, the former FDA commissioner noted.
Dr. Scott Gottlieb made a concerning distinction between the first and second waves on CBS' "Face The Nation."
Three former top-level advisers urged the president not to relax social distancing advisories.
He is best known for his efforts to address teenage use of e-cigarettes.
FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb warned that some states' lax vaccine requirements are "going to have national implications."
Until this week, Ambrosia charged $8,000 for a single liter of blood plasma from young donors.
The agency also announced a crackdown on several supplement makers for improperly selling products that promised to treat Alzheimer's and cancer.
The partial shutdown is on track to be the longest since the 1970s if the government doesn't reopen by Saturday.
New legislation in North Carolina has placed pressure on the Food and Drug Administration to review their rules regarding the labeling of milk and limits the ability of residents to hold big-ag operations accountable for pollution.
The e-cigarette companies have 60 days to show they can keep vaping devices from teens.
The order targets products distributed by Triangle Pharmanaturals, which refused a voluntary recall request.
“Once medical devices get on the market, it’s extremely difficult to get them off the market, even in the face of evidence suggesting that they’re ineffective,” one health advocate says.
26 squirrel monkeys will be headed to a sanctuary.
Authorities claim the popular herbal drug poses potentially deadly risks, but there are big problems with their evidence.
The DEA had previously tried to ban it. Now the FDA is leading the charge.