Scott Morrison

"This is one of those scandals that's like, is this a scandal? No, because I’m outraged, but I’m also kind of impressed."
Days before the federal election, Scott Morrison brought a young child to the ground during a soccer match.
The French leader is still sore over a scuttled submarine deal — and he let the Australian prime minister know it at the G-20 summit.
Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Friday announced the government made the decision after receiving scientific advice.
“I will be calling on Australians to do it, frankly, as a matter of national service," the country's prime minister said of the effort to rein in the coronavirus.
“As lovely as it is to have visitors to Australia, it is time – as it has been for some while – to make your way home."
The difference between how world leaders and President Donald Trump have responded to the Coronavirus outbreak couldn’t be more different.
"We are still yet to hit the worst of it," New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian told reporters Saturday evening.
Residents yelled at the visiting leader for his inaction, telling him he should be "ashamed" and that he'd "left the country to burn."
The conservative leader defended his government's climate policy, rejecting pleas to downsize the nation's massive coal industry.