Scott Pelley

The longtime "60 Minutes" correspondent said he "wouldn't stop complaining" about issues that ultimately led to the firing of many CBS executives.
CBS revealed that after the interview was filmed, the Egyptian ambassador contacted its "60 Minutes" team and warned that it could not be aired.
There is no word yet on who will replace him.
Hardly any politician does not extol his or her commitment to unifying the country while lamenting, sometimes in extraordinarily harsh language, the divisive nature of his or her opponent.
When you're born with a silver spoon in your mouth and have never had to struggle for anything, ever, you are completely out of touch with most of the residents on the planet.
"You let that pass," the CBS anchor told Trump. "And I wonder what that tells us about you."
The early bird gets the worm. Slow and steady wins the race. For those of us who are parents, these may be familiar sayings that we tell our children to either get them moving, or instead have them slow down.
The federal government, in fact, did increase the minimum wage multiple times while he was working his way up the ladder, and secondly, none of those increases seems to have stopped him from getting the "rotten jobs" that kept him moving up the ladder to eventual success.
Scandals are not merely screw-ups, stupidities, mistakes, policy disagreements. They imply elements of willful deception, illegality, corruption or immorality.
When asked about the report, Pelley's spokesperson told the New York Post, "Scott is often in Washington, was a correspondent
Megyn Kelly call out Scott Pelley over cable new ratings
The New York Post's Page Six reportedly received quite the phone call on Tuesday night. Apparently the gossip section was
Fred Friendly was a friend of mine. He was also my teacher at Columbia University, and later my professional mentor. He launched my career in television and media.
Click over to the magazine's website to view the other media personalities and executives who made THR's most powerful in
Talk about a singular lack of imagination. In 2013 GUIDE is essentially using cutting edge technology to create a virtual 1923 newsroom. Great! Well, good for GUIDE if you can get money for this.
The AP reports: Watch Obama's interview with Scott Pelley above. During the live discussion, Obama addressed women in combat
President Barack Obama granted an interview to CBS News' Scott Pelley ahead of Super Bowl XLVII. The live interview, which
President Barack Obama sat down ahead of Sunday's Super Bowl matchup between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers