scott stapp

"Everything was happening so fast..."
"For years and years, I ran in the opposite direction" of religion.
Recently, the singer allegedly told his wife that he is a CIA agent on a mission to assassinate President Barack Obama, prompting
EARLIER: Creed frontman Scott Stapp posted a 15-minute video to his Facebook page Wednesday, addressing rumors about his
These days, Stapp said, his only “meds” are running five miles a day and being surrounded by the love of his wife, three
Hours before he took the stage at Irving Plaza in New York City on April 2, the hitmaker opened up about his new album - his
"I'm just disappointed. I had very high hopes and expectations and was really inspired by President Obama," Stapp said. "And
On the other side, Kid Rock has played campaign events for Romney, and Ted Nugent and Hank Williams continue to make highly
Scott Stapp's book, Sinner's Creed is brutally honest and pulls no punches. It's about one man coming to terms with the incongruity of the vocation he's chosen and the faith he refuses to give up. Stapp's tale is authentically rock and roll.
MR: Even though it was released last year, Full Circle is going strong, and this tour is more or less a continuation of the reunion. What was it like getting back together with the other guys?