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In some ways music and photography are the same. They both share an artistic expression that appeals to almost everyone.
It's the chance of a lifetime: the opportunity to be the lead singer of the Stone Temple Pilots, the legendary, award-winning
According to Wild Iris' Bryan Shelton... "'Lazy Daze' celebrates the importance of laziness and the simple enjoyment of ones
Scott Weiland fans watched with bated breath, hoping the 58th Grammys would show some appreciation for the late rock star, singer/songwriter, and frontman of two of rock and roll's most successful bands of the '90s and turn of the century.
For some it was hard to choose just one lyric and, certainly, some universal favorites emerged, such as "Breathing is the
As many of the end-of-year roundups of those we lost in 2015 have even failed to mention Weiland, this event is all about what he did right, the hearts he electrified with his performance, and the melodic trail he left for all to savor in his absence.
As a writer, I know the words we choose to use matter. The use of derogatory words like "junkie" or "dope fiend" not only greatly affects the addict's psyche, but those who care deeply for them as well.
Brett Gleason by Thomas Evans Is a person like this even possible today? It's not just social media demanding constant updates
With all this being said, it should come as little surprise that everybody wants a piece of the man called RAC. He's a regular at summer festivals, has toured extensively on his own, and has his own monthly singles series on Entertainment Weekly.
"The truth is, like so many other kids, they lost their father years ago."
Unlike some of his grunge-era counterparts who met drug-related deaths in their 20s, Weiland seemed to have beaten some very steep odds by surviving well into middle age, and while his body and voice showed signs of significant (and probably permanent) damage, he had become his generation's Keith Richards.
The former Stone Temple Pilots frontman died just two days after the videos were recorded.
Some bands lose or cut ties with lead singers and simply call it quits or find a similar-sounding singer to front the band and coast on a novelty tour each year. Not Stone Temple Pilots.
A rep for Weiland told TMZ that drugs were not a factor in the singer's performance on Tuesday, but admits it wasn't his
This post has been updated to included Weiland's comments. "We've always looked out for Scott's best interests and tried