scott wiener

The Texas senator gets a blunt reminder of his own past in a social media spat.
Police searched the home of California state Sen. Scott Wiener, an advocate for LGBTQ rights, after the threat.
The legislation would provide legal refuge to parents from other states who risk having their transgender children taken away or being criminally prosecuted.
The bill is meant to help parents in other states who risk being criminally prosecuted for supporting their children’s access to gender-affirming procedures and other health care.
Over a quarter of the nation’s homeless population resides in California, according to a federal report.
State Sen. Scott Wiener wants to make the electric utility publicly owned after its equipment caused deadly wildfires and created massive blackouts.
Rustin, who co-organized the March on Washington in 1963, was jailed for having gay sex nearly 70 years ago.
“The fundamental premise of the legislation is that people should make decisions about their own bodies."
"Unlike Pai’s FCC, California isn’t run by the big telecom and cable companies,” responded state Sen. Scott Wiener.
“This is the first time a state has gone on record supporting the intersex community," state Sen. Scott Wiener said.