Scottish Highlands

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Best of all, you can visit without transporting through a magical rock, ye ken?
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As gray clouds rolled in on the setting afternoon sun in the Highlands of Scotland, a bagpiper stood guard at the entrance, ringing a melody in front of the Crieff Hydro hotel. Once a Victorian spa retreat built in 1868, the resort is just over an hour's drive from Glasgow.
Scotland's independence vote is this week and the polls are nearly too close to call. In this opinionated documentary, a few select individuals give their case for why they think the country should vote "Yes" for Scottish Independence.
"Outlander" might be new to TV, but "Claire and Jamie" tours based on Diana Gabaldon's long-running book series have run for over a decade--and they're newly in demand, thanks no doubt to the early success of the Starz adaptation.
Photo courtesy of hotfield via Flickr. 9. The Borders 2. Ben Nevis 4. Glencoe Photo courtesy of Squeezyboy via Flickr. With
One day a year, the Scottish village of Kenmore hosts its Highland Games festival -- and our tour group was lucky enough
It was a privilege to speak to the head of the world's second-largest such extended family: His Grace the Duke of Argyll. Our conversation reminded me that while there are many branches of mankind's family tree, we are all rooted in our shared human condition.
In 1829, Englishman George Stephenson brought to life the first steam-powered locomotive -- named Rocket -- and marked the birth of train travel.
Sophie Taylor, the 16-year-old girlfriend of gamekeeper Calum Murray, 18, was accidentally killed as her boyfriend's gun