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But it now requires approval from Westminster amid ongoing Brexit talks.
As Brexit looms, Nicola Sturgeon is asking the Scottish Parliament to back a second vote on independence from the United Kingdom.
EDINBURGH, March 13 (Reuters) - Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon on Monday demanded a new independence referendum
Sturgeon: “I don’t believe there is a clear mandate for what is generally known as a ‘hard Brexit’.”
The recent vote for the UK to leave the European Union was not just about the EU, but disaffection with the political system.
I am struggling to imagine if there will ever be another election victory which unites all sides, with almost everybody erupting in unbridled joy behind one extraordinary individual. The last time this happened was the inauguration of President Nelson Mandela in 1994.
--But remind everyone that he's not prejudiced, because "The Europeans, they love me. I'm very popular with the Europeans
The reality is that Scottish voters chose something markedly different than their English neighbors. But since more than 80 percent of UK voters live in England, the reality is that the UK will once again get the government that England votes for.
The A1 earlier today. #TakeUsWithYouScotland — Stuart McGregor (@The_Stuey) May 10, 2015 The north
BARCELONA - For decades, political debate in Europe between conservatives and the left focused largely on economic institutions and policies. In this bi-polar system, the parties differed on the nuances of economic policy, but broadly agreed on democratic values, the European project, and the need to adapt to and manage globalization, rather than reject it wholesale. But, with the growing success of appeals to identity and renewed ethnic or religious nationalism, that is changing. Are the ghosts of the early and mid-twentieth century returning?
Cameron, who was re-elected with a surprise outright majority last week, said he would ensure that further powers would be
UNFULFILLED PLEDGES Since the referendum, many Scots have become disillusioned with Labor, believing it has moved too far
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