Scotty McCreery

After some drama and a 5-year musical hiatus, Scotty McCreery is back with a new album and his first No. 1 hit.
The "American Idol" winner says he accidentally left a pistol in his backpack.
Omar deals with a Palestinian freedom fighter who winds up against his will working for the Israelis. Rana's Wedding (2002
The audition process was quite the hill to climb for Scotty. It wasn't all quick and easy for him. He told the audience that
From now on, whenever Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You" comes on the radio, it will take me back to the Izod Center in New Jersey for the Legends of the Ice show.
"I enjoy getting out in front of the crowds every single night, I enjoy seeing their faces light up and having a good time out there and seeing the smiles on their faces. That's what gives me a thrill now, just getting up there for the live action and just performing."
Well, this is embarrassing. It's bad enough when a famous musician resorts to lip syncing a performance. But when something
Paisley's Virtual Reality Tour is McCreery's first major move out on the road. McCreery quickly pointed the finger at his
There's no event quite like the Olympics for bringing a country together, and so far the London 2012 games have been a great
The class of 2012 has seen some pretty amazing graduates: David Boone, a homeless teen in Cleveland who will attend Harvard