SCOTUS gay marriage

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I got a chance to meet Justice Antonin Scalia, the most homophobic force on the Supreme Court for more than a quarter of a century, last year. It was just a few days before the historic arguments in the Obergefell case that would bring marriage equality to the entire nation. And it was pretty brilliant.
America is going through LGBT civil rights boot camp, and it's making our society stronger. Change, like recruit training, is hard. The results are worth it.
Newly released audio offers a peek into what went down when the court announced its major decisions.
Children born into same-sex families frequently are biologically related to only one parent, and the law recognizes only that one parent. The legal status of the child's relationship with her nonbiological parent varies from state to state.
I have no problem with Pope Francis' meeting with Kim Davis. There, I said it. Today was much more eventful than I thought it would be. People are wondering how I feel about this private meeting. Well, I will tell you. It does not bother me that he met with her.