scotus nominee

Obama’s Supreme Court nominee is deemed “well qualified.”
" Let the American people see Judge Garland," Obama said.
The Senate Democratic leader says McConnell's Supreme Court blockade is hurting vulnerable GOP senators, but McConnell cares more about appeasing the billionaires.
A billboard truck will be rolling around as advocates from across the country come to Washington.
Senate Democrats are frustrated that the Republican-led Senate Judiciary Committee wants to "turn back the clock on women’s health care."
By Julia Edwards and Jeff Mason WASHINGTON/AUSTIN, Texas (Reuters) - The White House has narrowed its search for a U.S. Supreme
Republicans' stance on Supreme Court nominees and their response to the extremists at the top of their party's ticket are the same issue. And the solution is simple. If Republican Senators want to stand up to extremists running for president, they can start by standing up to extremists in the Senate. They can start by doing their jobs.