Scout Movement

"'I’m a homosexual,' were my first words as I placed my drink down next to his."
"As I became a young adult leader in Scouting, I began to lead a double life."
The President of the United States, who is obsessed with calling any investigation of his administration or campaign organization
By your own rules, the Jamboree must not be made a youth rally for any political figure or campaign.
The "Daily Show" host won't let the president get away with his inappropriate tale.
While the President embarrassed himself and his office at the Jamboree, we shouldn’t confuse the issues here.
By Gilion Dumas, Andrew Willis and Melanie Blow The Boy Scouts of America has reportedly joined the Catholic Church in fighting
Sometimes I wonder whether the Catholic bishops in the U.S. stay up late trying to provide me material for my blogs. I guess
“I am accepted, and I’m actually in Boy Scouts," Joe Maldonado said.
The scouting group's stance on LGBTQ members and leaders has evolved over the last few years.