Scouts for Equality

Sydney Ireland is leading the charge to change a 100-year-old group rule.
It’s hard to believe that we’re just two weeks away from the first anniversary of the Boy Scouts’ decision to end their century
Some local councils have fought the national organization over its lack of inclusion. New York has a law protecting gays
More than 80 percent of us under the age of 30 support the recognition of same-sex marriage, and that should be no surprise. A powerful byproduct of our connectedness is that the LGBTQ community is more visible than ever.
In April of 2012 I was forced to resign as my son's Den Leader in The Boy Scouts of America because I am gay. Refusing to back down, my partner and I teamed up with GLAAD, launched a petition and unknowingly set out on a journey that would forever change our lives.
The BSA knows that their policy change regarding gay scouts is simply not good enough. I'm asking them to allow LGBT parents like me to participate in their children's lives. Just because the BSA has the legal right to deny LGBT people membership doesn't mean that it is morally right.
I returned to Scouts after realizing that by quitting, I had done exactly as that hardened core, which doesn't have stranglehold on my local area, wanted: to purge gays and straight allies of the organization.
The BSA is in danger of becoming obsolete. In this ever changing society, scouting is becoming less and less relevant. WE WANT TO HELP! We love scouting and think ALL should be able to enjoy its rewards. How can I help? That is the most asked question I get.
The BSA's current policy is a variant of "don't ask, don't tell." We no longer live in that world. Many things have changed since 2000, not only the sentiments of the American people but the ways in which we organize.
For the BSA to refuse to take a stand against anti-gay bullying of scouts and instead insinuate that banning gay people from serving as leaders will protect boys from being molested is ridiculous. To equate gay people with child molesters is scientifically and culturally inaccurate.