Screen Sense

The group determined kids under age 5 should not be allowed very much screen time either.
I consider myself to be fairly hip and in-touch with current technology and entertainment trends. I can hold my own with
How do we help our kids enjoy the wonderful fun and social connectivity offered by their devices without losing their ability to hit the "Off" switch?
Whatever your opinion, it certainly acts as a wake-up call to stop looking down at our phones.
A mother walks into the living room where her pre-teen daughter sprawled on the couch, glued to the TV. Mom is carrying a newly purchased backpack, and states smugly, "She spent the summer binge-watching. Soon she'll be binge-studying." Why do I hate this commercial? Let me count the ways.
Back-to-school is officially a "season." Depending on where you live in the United States, it starts in early August and ends around the third week of September.
New York-based artist Ekene Ijeoma is taking on the screen addiction epidemic.
Don’t let the little moments pass you by.
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Your kids tell me stuff. Lots of stuff. Really personal stuff. Your kids tell me all the things you have warned them not
This change to my phone settings improved my mood, productivity and outlook each day, which in turn made me a better parent
Here's what you can do to protect kids from seeing violent imagery.
The Mertz Library is one of the largest botanical libraries in the world. And now it's online too.