Is all that screen time affecting your child's sleep? Kids computer glasses might help.
1. People don't believe they have any control over the other person's emotional response. Service reps will say, "I can't
Soaring nearsightedness -- driven by staring at computer screens -- "is a true global health crisis."
RISE host Cat Greenleaf visited famous Intellectual, Leon Wieseltier and his 13 year old blogger son in Washington DC to discuss how parents and kids struggle to find a balance between real life and screen time.
Nearly half of Americans say they "can't imagine" life without their mobiles. Our devices have become extensions of ourselves
I once asked a former U.S. Navy admiral in charge of a fleet of aircraft carriers how he felt about collaborating with people
All in all, the only restriction to this hardware is its battery life, but with the up and coming long range wireless chargers we have seen at CES 2015, even that problem will be solved soon.