2--Beat By Beat Is Packed With 700 Useful Visual Examples We screenwriters are visual people, so I loaded the book with over
The writer also penned the screenplays for "The Black Stallion," "Kundun" and other films.
Novelist Patti Callahan Henry knows how to brew up a good story. She picks a great setting, such as a small coastal town in South Carolina. She adds in a bright and inventive heroine. She matches her with a worthy, but flawed hero.
As a Connecticut Yankee born and bred -- or perhaps I should say born and white-bread, which is how most people think of Connecticut Yankees -- I have always loved history, not just because I am old enough to be historical myself, but because I could never do algebra.
I was honored to speak with him about his mélange of beauty and sorrow, hope and despair, joy and cruelty, and found him to be incredibly unassuming and vulnerable, answering honestly and candidly about his strengths as an artist.
Gino DePinto, AOL BUILD "If you are a creative person, you try to create things that are an extension of yourself" - professed
Actor, singer, screenwriter and now author Michael Genet's new book, "'They Must Not Know Who I Think I Am" enlightens the struggle to thrive and succeed with humor, grit and truth.
Full Segment: Writer and director David Twohy sits down with Alyona to discuss his upcoming film "Riddick" plus his past projects like "The Fugitive" and "G.I. Jane."
Director Roland Emmerich sits down with Ricky and reveals that there will be a gay character in "Independence Day 2."