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The vaccine is the first of its kind shown to be effective in monkeys.
The AFTD is one of our closest allies in the fight against neurodegenerative disease, and our oldest partner. After more
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Jeanne Loring and her Scripps Research Institute colleagues transplanted a set of cells into the spinal cords of mice that had lost use of their hind limbs to multiple sclerosis. As the experimentalists expected, within a week, the mice rejected the cells. But after another week, the mice began to walk.
It's fascinating, really, what can be done. With the right attachment and/or app, your phone can already track your heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar and more. Between what exists and what's coming, the virtual checkup may be closer than you think.
Still, there are benefits of exercise that the drug wouldn't mimic -- for example, the psychological boost that exercise
Catherine Wong has ideas that "flatten the earth," yet remains grounded. Maybe it's the mismatched socks. Head over to Morristown