President Trump announced he was going “off script” during an hour-plus speech at CPAC.
In honor of it being National Masturbation Month, I thought it was important to share a masturbatory moment that made me question myself.
I am beginning to learn that one of the best and most important parts about sex for myself, as a man with disabilities, is to give up that power that I held onto so tightly.
Sometimes it can be helpful to consciously assess our lives. Instead of leaving things behind because of circumstance, to proactively choose what activities, people and objects we want to have in our lives now. What our values are now, and then to seek out what reflect those values.
No matter the story we are each given, there are countless conflicts, resolutions, characters, rising and falling action, and lessons learned that fill every scene of our lives. Today this is my scene, and it's filled with the hope of tomorrow.
How long does it take a group of grown-ups to come up with a workable storyline for an 11-minute-long cartoon? Would you believe two days? So says Craig McCracken, the talent behind two Emmy-Award-winning Cartoon Network series.
JULIE and BART are snuggling up on the couch. Wine, fancy cheese spread and grapes paint the table.
Let's cut to the chase here, folks: If there hadn't been a Robin Williams, there never would have been a Disney's Aladdin. Don't believe me? Then check out this excerpt from the screenplay for this animated classic.
On Monday, “X-Men” director Bryan Singer took to Instagram to post a teaser for “X-Men Apocalypse,” the next installment
In an email with some of my closest friends this previous week, we discussed some of our favorite television shows (specifically