scuba diving

The scuba diving boat Conception burned and sank off Santa Cruz Island before dawn on Sept. 2.
The actor lamented the "unspeakable horror" of the boat bursting into flames with 39 people aboard.
“It was very humbling to be swimming alongside of it,” said the woman who encountered it.
To celebrate Halloween, a group of scuba divers participated in an underwater pumpkin carving contest.
Ray Woolley broke his own record, which he set last year.
A nurse shark in Byron Bay, Australia, got netting stuck in its mouth and was in danger of dying.
The newly released video by the Thai Navy SEALs shows the soccer team's players carried out on stretchers.
Witnessing his excitement, and happiness is something every parent hopes for their child, especially a parent of an autistic child, I just get to do it 60 feet underwater.
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It doesn't matter where you look these days, there is somebody trying to separate you from those "others" who are different. Somebody is trying to divide us, to categorize us with different labels. But there is still one completely safe space in this world - a place where these differences disappear and where we can unite in commonalities instead.
It's unbelievably mind-blowing to realize the sea is much deeper than even the loftiest part of land above sea level.
If you're diving in the Caribbean, be sure to check out these locations for unusual sightings, and don't miss out on these