He says, "I have worked on many different projects, in different capacities; it is rare, but very much appreciated, when
And fans are in for a treat because they can watch the making of "Thin" in this exclusive video release right here, right
Sam Bush Band - The Father of Newgrass, Sam Bush established himself long ago as roots royalty, revered for both his solo
For the uninitiated, the historic town of Bristol straddles Tennessee and Virginia. Four blocks of downtown are shut down
The trio, which released two singles -- "Passing Craze (On To You)" and "Uprooted" -- on Friday, is releasing its first self
It's no secret MerleFest fans have made the annual trek for the past 29 years to North Carolina's Wilkes Community College during the last weekend of April to hear their musical folk heroes perform live. What's less obvious is the musicians themselves look just as forward to the annual event honoring the music of the late, great Doc and Merle Watson because it gives them the chance to rub elbows, possibly jam or even get discovered by their own musical heroes.
"MerleFest moments," they're called. Things that last forever, tucked away for safekeeping but there when you need them. A Scythian fiddle song playing in your head. Warm and bright. Humming to Jerry Douglas and his dobro. Soothing, soulful, unforgettable.
The good people at MerleFest on Sunday night released a piece about the North Carolina festival, which ended that day. The
Scythian, which means "nomad" in Ukranian, has been described as fusing Celtic and Americana music with thunderous energy into what the band's members call "immigrant rock."
If you choose to go out, you'll welcome the new year by listening to one of your favorite bands with like-minded fans -- instead of attending some overpriced and ultimately disappointing party.