The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development seeks to eradicate poverty in all its forms, promote sustained and inclusive
Disruption is 1.0...Collaboration is 2.0...Partnerships are 3.0 Urban transformation is complex and comes in different phases
The first World Data Forum was clearly dominated by one main topic: the implementation of the Sustainable Development Agenda
Sure, you're saying, it's a lot easier to make a difference when you've got an advertising agency of talent to work with
Those are just a few thoughts around water. The work in the commission has introduced me to several others. And it has shown
As co-founders of The Imperative Fund, Galvis and Fuentes work to pull struggling communities throughout the globe out of
This type of development response helps to prevent future crises and ensures more people move out of poverty and into a life
We will also have to work as a team, with representatives from governments, international organizations, businesses, civil
After eight years as Ambassador to the UN, I see little genuine appetite for reform of the Security Council.
As the year draws to a close, and we are gearing up for the holiday season in many parts of the world, we launch the Annual
Fundamentally, IT can transform our approach to sustainable business, enabling us to democratize sustainability as something
In light of the outcome of the US elections it is even more important to keep in mind that 2016 will be another hottest year
Transforming the regulatory framework to protect consumers: The Karandaaz study highlights an e-governance initiative in
Global threats are rising. Rising inequity, rising discontent against political leaders, extremism, terrorism. As we grow more globalized, more inter-connected, so do we grow more vulnerable to each other's difficulties.
Large companies often do not have the natural advantage of serving disparate communities that require a highly customized
The EU's commitment to 'increasing awareness of the human rights and specific needs of older persons paying particular attention
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In August 2016, One World Children's Fund, ACODEV and the African Diaspora Network convened the first Grassroots Forward meeting and workshop in Kampala, Uganda. More than 50 participants from over 10 countries across Africa spent the day together to discuss how we can push Grassroots Forward.