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I guess it was done this way to get both hosts in a single shot, but as the show went on, CNN deployed these stark and uncomfortable
Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy S.E. Cupp bowed out from MSNBC on Thursday, becoming
I wish them all the best. God knows CNN needs a winner, and all of us need a newsier, better CNN. After all, I got fired for creating the show.
After months of speculation, the network announced on Wednesday that the debate program will return with four new hosts. Former
When half the people consulting on your show about how a newsroom operates -- a show that's called The Newsroom -- now lead lives that often involve working half-days and being ushered to and from work in free town cars, realism is going to suffer.
Watch the full segment at HuffPost Live. "It just became increasingly uncomfortable to align with an event, a great event
The latest example of the promotion of pro-GOP punditry over old-school conservatism is the announcement of S.E. Cupp's selection as the token non-liberal co-host on MSNBC's new show The Cycle.
Ratigan abruptly announced in June that he was leaving the network, saying he wanted to concentrate on other things. On Sunday
"...We elected Barack Obama, we didn't elect a liberal, we elected somebody to lead our nation. We put our faith in him. And
Conservatives have been attacking President Obama and the Department of Justice for employing lawyers who previously represented terrorism suspects, even though George Bush did the same thing.
S.E. Cupp is writing a book called Losing Our Religion: The Liberal Media's Attack on Christianity. Since nobody has written this exact book for at least a month now, perhaps it's her turn.
"This is the enduring legacy of the Obama campaign. I'm not saying this to be inflammatory, I blame Barack Obama because