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King tides and rising sea levels are creating an affordable housing crisis in Miami, Florida.
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The likely culprit is a toxic algal bloom, fueled by warmer ocean temperatures.
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At sunset on Oct. 8, 1951, a house set sail from Kennebunkport, Maine. The coastal town came alive as the two-story home
Since 2014 the US has become a more constructive player in the UN negotiations. Today the need to take action is no less
You're probably already familiar with head lice (whether you've had it yourself, or know someone who has). But have you heard of sea lice? If you've got any beach plans this summer -- particularly in Florida or elsewhere in the Gulf of Mexico or the Caribbean -- listen up.
The questions to ask is: What uproots and what anchors us? Discovering the answer and following the steps that connect and stabilize us, may prevent the treacherous state.
Australian photographer Lisa Michele Burns' aerial shots of the sea are stunning.
I love the sea. I create bronze sculpture, which is aesthetically and spiritually inspired. The arcs and curves of my work represent the motion of the sea. The sea feels like my home; I live by it, I swim it in and I sculpt next to it.