sea level rise

“We don’t think it’s constructive to get into the causes of sea level rise. But we see flooding issues, and we’re addressing it.”
The push comes as Waikiki Beach faces frequent flooding thanks to climate change's rising sea levels.
The U.N has endorsed the plan but some climate experts are skeptical.
Rising sea levels and residual effects from nuclear testing are ushering in a wave of homeless migrants into Honolulu.
Scientists warn a Thwaites Glacier collapse could cause a dangerous rise in sea levels and threaten coastal cities around the world.
Scientists say the rate of ocean warming has led to more rain, increased sea levels, coral reef destruction and declining ocean oxygen levels.
With sea levels rising in Miami, "climate gentrification" is driving up prices in high-ground areas, pushing people out of working-class neighborhoods.
For a century, people have built sea walls to protect against flooding. That’s changing.
Hurricane Florence is bearing down on states with highly developed coastlines.
Confronted with Hurricane Florence, North Carolina prepares for a state of emergency.
A new study investigates the intersection of climate change and real estate, and finds that higher elevations bring higher values.
The planet’s largest ice sheet is losing more than 240 billion tons of ice every year -- a threefold increase from what it was less than a decade ago.
Mo Brooks rejects notion that global warming is causing sea levels to increase, and says: "What about the White Cliffs of Dover?"
As climate litigation heats up, a judge's climate science tutorial puts the fossil fuel industry in an awkward position with the science deniers it once funded.
"If we fail to limit warming, we’re committing a great many people to a future of flooding and inundation."
Coastal states, counties and cities, including several with Trump properties, are already grappling with the threat of rising ocean levels.