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Lolita — the unlucky orca who's spent 45 long years in captivity — isn't going anywhere, the Miami Seaquarium announced this
“It created a funneling effect,” she said. “Like they’re living in a smaller town, they know each other better.” Titcomb
Male seahorses hold babies in a cute "brood pouch." This sea anemone had dinner plans with his starfish buddy -- then he
When most people think of sea animals, they picture playful dolphins, formidable sharks, or hulking blue whales. But some
"While the broader migratory movements of manta rays are still not known, it is clear that satellite tracking technology
Sadly, the ocean's dark transformation has already started. Every hour, a million tons of carbon dioxide spewed from cars, factories and power plants rain down on the world's oceans.
After the Cuyahoga River caught fire in 1969, politicians finally took note of the country's polluted and within a few years