sea otter

The aquarium apologized for using slang terms for a black woman's body in a sea otter meme.
Anyone with information should contact the USFWS at 650-876-9078 or make an anonymous report by calling 703-358-1949 or 1
Polar bears, sloths, sharks -- these are well-known animals found in our popular culture that most people would admit to having at least a bit of knowledge about. However, there's always more to discover. These are some wildly fascinating, yet little-known facts about a few of our favorite creatures.
All of these amazing photos were shot by naturalists and Lindblad-National Geographic certified photo instructors last year during spring and summer in Alaska.
It's corporate bullying by the plastic industry to make cities and counties think twice before passing environmental laws that cut into their profits, laws that are supported by the majority of residents who prefer to live in clean communities.
California has led the nation in environmental protection in so many ways. It's surely within our reach to ensure that our sea otters survive and thrive.
People who are making a difference for conservation invariably say they found their passion for nature by spending time outdoors or in museums: sharing the energizing experience of discovering something new and hidden.