sea turtle

The algal bloom has also killed fish, sea turtles and manatees along the Gulf Coast.
Yaqun Lu, 41, was reportedly also seen by bystanders and police officers "jabbing" at the nest with a wooden stake.
The turtle was found – visibly weak and sick – on a beach in South Africa earlier this month.
The warmer ocean waters of climate change entice the turtles to linger too long too far north.
Authorities are also investigating the deaths of 113 sea turtles; they were found in the southern state of Chiapas earlier this month.
Dozens of manatees and hundreds of sea turtles have died in the longest-running red tide outbreak since 2006.
Scientists observed turtles using flippers for digging, rolling stuff and swiping at prey.
The little guy named Alby is the straggler of 122 brothers and sisters.
A Facebook photo appears to show her and another woman harassing the protected species.
Researchers in Costa Rica pulled a 4-inch plastic straw from a sea turtle's nostril.
Ever wonder how a turtle sees the world? World Wildlife Fund researchers attached a GoPro camera to a sea turtle and captured
He told HuffPost that during a single cleanup dive earlier this year, they picked up nearly 12 big buckets of monofilament
A 3D printer saved the life of a sea turtle
Should you come across a stranded animal in the wild, it's important to remember that animals don't strand themselves unless
9. Sometimes they cry, but not because they’re sad. Sea turtles have glands that help to empty excess salt from their eyes
Redditor In3 posted the following picture Sunday after tying the knot in St. Croix, where a very unexpected wedding guest