sea urchin

"It tastes like a combination between the ocean and shoe leather."
Where do you stand on this trendy but polarizing seafood?
Now that the Times has shouted about it, I doubt one could hope for an experience quite like ours.
Whether on pork belly or in pasta or on a light salad, uni can add umami and richness to a variety of dishes.
Pangkor Laut seems to seduce everyone. When I depart, two girls are crying on the boat back to the mainland marina.
Listen, you've got to respect someone who cooks Eric Ripert something he's never tried before.
Being a thorny or spiny animal definitely has its advantages in nature. While these animals can use their spikes to attack
I was introduced to sea urchin pasta on a trip to Sicily several years ago, where I was writing a cookbook for two Italian ladies -- I just about fell out of my chair!