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Little Jayde Robinson already knows the importance of the beautician-client relationship.
There is no freedom from their dependence on their human keepers for food. Captivity is a full-time duty that has been forced upon them by humans, and there are never any breaks from it.
The controversial company is partnering with The Humane Society of the United States as part of a shift toward marine conservation.
Lolita — the unlucky orca who's spent 45 long years in captivity — isn't going anywhere, the Miami Seaquarium announced this
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Lolita is living out her lonely existence in sub-standard solitary confinement in Florida at the Miami Seaquarium. Her particular situation is the lowest-hanging fruit in improving humane treatment for captive orcas.
Just as any other park in the Orlando area, throughout the day you'll experience fluctuations in crowd density. However, according
Sea World Orlando has endless things to offer for a perfect family vacation. So when are you planning your next vacation
This controversy will continue, pitting commercial entertainment interests claiming educational and scientific purpose against animal rights organizations claiming commercialism and cruelty to animals.
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The reality of zoos and animal theme parks is not one of a fun, family day. Parks and zoos do a beautiful job at selling the message that they are "animal friendly", but at the end of the day, no matter their efforts, those animals should never be in captivity.
I think that what destroys me when I look at this image is the depth of despair of the bear who cannot understand his circumstances and will never escape them, and remembering that I saw bears just like this one during my childhood.
That much larger spill killed thousands of sea birds and other wildlife and helped spark the modern U.S. environmental movement