The baby whale was able to swim away with its mother after being set free. 7 News reported that this was the fourth whale
Court magistrates in Queensland, Australia have ordered two young Welshman to each pay a penalty of about $1,030 after kidnapping
Who'd have thought I wouldn't, on a bender, somehow come home with a flamingo or a fur seal or at least a meerkat or something. As it is, it never happened, dang it. I'll have to live with that unfilled void. Not so for three Welshmen who went on holiday to Australia.
“Yeah I wouldn't go stealing any animals," Rhys Jones told News3. "It's not the brightest thing to do.” In what the Internet
Other Attractions The Jet Rescue is a roller coaster designed to mimic a Jet Ski trip at speeds up to 70 mph. Sit back and