Sean Conley

Former President Donald Trump’s COVID-19 symptoms were reportedly more severe than what the White House revealed at the time.
Trump's condition deteriorated to the point where officials reportedly believed he would need to be put on a ventilator.
President Joe Biden has ousted former President Donald Trump’s controversial physician.
Dr. Sean Conley issued conflicting statements about Trump's COVID-19 diagnosis last fall. He's been replaced by Biden's longtime physician, Dr. Kevin O'Connor.
The president is no longer a transmission risk to others, Dr. Sean Conley declared. Other experts disagree.
Americans are worried about their diseased president. He says he’s fine!
The president went barefaced despite his physician saying he was still contagious.
White House physician Sean Conley refused to discuss details of the president’s coronavirus infection and said he “may not entirely be out of the woods yet.”
Doctors at Walter Reed said the president's health is improving and he could be released as early as Monday to continue the remainder of his treatment at the White House.
The president, who is actively fighting COVID-19, wore a mask in the back of an SUV. A driver and a passenger were in the front seats with protective equipment.