sean parker

"God only knows what it’s doing to our children’s brains," said Sean Parker, the company's founding president.
We spoke to the former Facebook president about his latest venture.
I ask the Michael Bloombergs of the world, the Sean Parkers, and Vice President Biden: how we can include prevention into the notion of a moonshot cure for cancer? I think that a program that starts here on earth, as opposed to the moon, will be the best solution for ending cancer once and for all.
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Having turned 30 last year, I don't feel much different than a couple of years ago, nor do I feel any adverse effects of aging as yet. Still, what one can witness on social media is that a) 30 is a milestone that 40 once was and b) it is an occasion to take the time out and reevaluate your life as well as recognize your achievements.
Money has always been used to shape opinion. Don't let it shape yours. It's time we formed our own wave of change so that
Don't believe the scares that marijuana legalization is somehow worse than continuing prohibition; it's been proven wrong in four-out-of-four states so far.
- On our closing session about the Internet of Things, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff had plenty to say about how that topic