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Once again dance tracks dominate the workout scene this month. To that end, you'll find remixes galore with hits from Ariana
It may sound a bit corny, but JamRock seems to embody the feeling of reggae in a trip. The vibe of the music carries through
He believes more artists should be given credit in today's music.
Pope Francis' historic address in Congress brought thousands of people from all over the world clamoring for a chance to see him and hear what he had to say to the American people.
It was the hope of organizers to spur enthusiasm to rally for a common cause to reduce energy usage, as well as encourage politicians and major corporations to put policies in place that would work toward creating a more environmentally friendly world for all.
The song's funds will support climate change action.
Warning to small-minded people: Don't mess with Estelle's gay fans! With choice words for the narrow points-of-view which "seem to run the world," the Grammy-winning singer admitted negative attitudes toward the LGBT community "really bug" her.
Sean Paul and his longtime girlfriend Jodi Stewart were wed in Jamaica. Read more on
Pop dominance has assured a lot of things for the Jamaica native -- among them -- random acts of awkwardness. When asked if he sings and dances literally to the beat of his own drum, the singer admitted wholeheartedly -- yes: "It's kind of whack."