Sean Payton

The Denver Broncos linebacker is the second NFL player to announce a coronavirus diagnosis.
Despite throwing for 371 yards and two touchdowns during Sunday's win over Tampa Bay, Brees also tossed three interceptions
"PR Pardons" are for those we think have paid their public penance and deserve a fresh start--at least from a public relations perspective. Don't worry, despite dominating national coverage, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and are not on our list.
During an NFL era of inflated offensive statistics and elite quarterbacking play, Drew Brees is on a level so dominant and special that it can almost be baffling to watch. The New Orleans Saints are not unlike most of the league in that they give a vast amount of responsibility to the quarterback. What Brees does from there though is beyond words.
I read that you anticipate his play calls before he can even tell you what to run. Does that happen often? Of tight end Jimmy
Robert Griffin III, QB, Washington Redskins Coach of the Year Correction: A previous edition of this article stated that
One of Payton's motto's throughout his tenure in New Orleans has been: "Do your job." Without his daily leadership however, it seems as if his message has been either misplaced or completely forgotten.
Whether or not Payton deserves his year long suspension, Saints fans have every right to be upset. I'm talking about the tax money they've paid over the last decade just to keep the team in town.