sean saves the world

Luckily, we've sorted things out for a few plucky characters we think'll be just fine on this side of the small screen -- whether or not their shows have already gone the way of the dinosaur.
It looks like the end of the road for Sean Hayes' big return to NBC. The network has halted production on the low-rated "Sean
HuffPost Entertainment discussed the movie with Mullally by phone while she was at Los Angeles International Airport, snagging
"Of course I would have loved to have worked on that show forever, but at least we were lucky enough to have two seasons
It's a "Will & Grace" reunion ... without Will and Grace. Our two favorite salty sidekicks, Jack and Karen from the NBC classic
The "Late Late Show" host has teased gay tendencies on his talk show for years, but he was fully in character as a man who
Craig Ferguson guest stars on "Sean Saves the World" as Sean's former boss who's still desperately in love with Sean.
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“To me, [the show] is working,” Hayes said during a set visit, according to The TV Page. “It’s just the struggle of the elephant
New ground was broken this week when a member of Disney's iconic Princess franchise was queered and it was revealed that
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Catch Sean Hayes' return to television on "Sean Saves the World," Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC. "Late Show with David Letterman
Greg Archer: No. It's great. It's real. And you are funny. So, tell me--how would you describe yourself as a comic? Bobby
If you were to watch all 56 of them -- just their pilots -- do you know how many hours of your life you'd lose? No? Do you want to know?
Our fifth and final video in the series is here: Worst New Show. No matter how great a TV season is, there are always some
With the debut of a slew of new series in the 2013-2014 TV season comes tons of new talent ... in all shapes and sizes. And
Sean's a divorced dad who's trying to juggle it all. From his overbearing boss and offbeat employees at work - to his pushy
Both actors tweeted their excitement about reuniting. "Smash" may be yesterday's news, but its former stars Megan Hilty and
It’s the late 19th century and the mysterious Dracula ( Jonathan Rhys Meyers,“The Tudors”) has arrived in London, posing
It looks as if Sean Hayes may have a lifelong contract with NBC. Along with "Sean Saves the World," NBC also ordered seven