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The "American Pie" star replaced Clayne Crawford after the buddy-cop show's behind-the-scenes controversy last season.
3. His mom took her church group to see "American Pie." When someone in our group admitted that they hadn't seen "American
11. "Charles Bradley: Soul of America" Netflix Description: "Diagnosed with a terminal illness, Jimmy does whatever he must
5. Don't be afraid to make an entrance. But when you think about it, Steve Stifler inevitably taught us a thing or two about
Today, the fourth American Pie movie (or eighth, depending on a person's definition of American Pie canon) is in theaters. This version is called American Reunion because, well, all of the main characters attend a reunion. As a service, we answer every question you could possibly have about American Reunion.
Scott, who recently announced his engagement to girlfriend and former Victoria's Secret model Lindsay Frimodt, stopped by
Remember when American Pie first came out, and people couldn't get enough of "It" girls Mena Suvari, Shannon Elizabeth and Tara Reid? Thirteen years later, those three lovely ladies have largely fallen off the map, while endearing nerd Alyson Hannigan has been steadily building a rather impressive career to become, arguably, the most successful of all the American Pie alum.
Naturally, the great joy of Goon is watching this lovable, eager-to-please oaf destroying everyone in his way, sort of like a happy-go-lucky Lenny from Of Mice and Men.
On the surface, Goon is an assembly-line underdog sports movie. And yes the film hits a handful of familiar story beats along the way. But there is a subtle intelligence to the picture, with characters that are far less broad than you'd expect and a screenplay that feels authentic.
You know when you’re 70, you’ll still be Stifler. It is weird because I don’t go, "Hey Travis Bickle!" I’m also strangely
The team, however, is unconcerned with his hockey abilities outside the area of face smashing and body checks. Though, from
The Voice points out that the study estimated only the number of children who are "at risk" of commercial sexual exploitation
After completing a 30-day stint in a treatment facility -- "American Pie" star Seann William Scott was back out in public
Hannigan has been perhaps the most successful of the crew since the last film in 2003; Biggs has had his share of films, as
Seann William Scott, the comic actor from the American Pie movies, has entered treatment for "health and personal issues