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Regulators are calling for more transparency from Google and Microsoft.
Be constantly on the lookout for pictures, quotes, links to offensive material and other social media faux paus that might
Reputation. It is hard to get, hard to maintain, hard to control; especially in an era of hacking by governments and criminals alke.
Individuals, Companies, Governments and Brands need to pay careful attention to the correlation between search, social media and reputation control and management. If it is left to the Internet, you will not be happy with the results.
No matter where you go on the Web -- be it Google, Bing or Yahoo to search; Twitter or Facebook to social network; or your email provider or favorite shopping sites -- you're giving up a little piece of yourself, and sometimes enough to cobble together your identity.
We're not sure who's at fault here, the people at Google or the people that actually search for these things?
The Internet can be a hostile place, with powerful companies paying handsome sums to hide negative content in Google search
Although Google's decision to stop censoring search results is commendable, it is unlikely to have any major implications on China's extensive filtering practices.
To manage your search engine reputation, Google suggests saying less is more, except when saying more is more. Read more
Global Gaming Factory's purchase of the Pirate Bay is now in serious doubt. GGF CEO Hans Pandeya, who is facing bankruptcy