Search warrant

The FBI, ATF and other agencies searched the offices of Santa Barbara's Truth Aquatics, which owned the diving boat that caught fire and killed 34 people.
Some workers hired by the raided Mississippi chicken processing plants had prior immigration violations, according to unsealed court documents.
Authorities investigating Flint’s water crisis have used search warrants to seize mobile devices of former Gov. Rick Snyder and 65 other current or former officials.
The union president has accused Bill Scott of blaming rank-and-file officers for "self-preservation" after the police chief publicly apologized for the raid.
The city's police raided a reporter’s home in a probe of leaked information about Public Defender Jeff Adachi’s death.
The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests applauded investigators for digging into the diocese's "secret archives."
Newly revealed search warrant documents show that the probe into Donald Trump's former personal attorney began earlier than previously thought.
Two residents were killed and four undercover officers were shot and wounded during a gun battle in the raid.
Authorities confirmed a criminal investigation is underway.
Following one case to another The Fourth Amendment to the Constitution states that no search warrant can be issued unless
From USA Today: Current and former federal officials told USA Today that the information gained from the Range-R radar is
Graham's parents, John and Susan, also addressed reporters to plead for the public's help in finding their daughter. Matthew
No one has heard from the teen since. Anyone with information on Hannah Graham's whereabouts is asked to call the Charlottesville
Previously unreasonable searches become reasonable ones under new government interpretations of the Fourth Amendment. Traditional tools of law, like subpoenas and warrants, continue to exist even as they morph into monstrous new forms.
The epidemic of police violence continues to escalate while fear of the police increases and the police state, with all its surveillance gear and military weaponry, expands around us.
The problem is that the Court sees a warrant as a burden to the police rather than as a protection to the defendant. Civil liberties are about protecting the accused from an overbearing and significantly more powerful police force. So what does this mean?
In this age of electronic databases and mandatory information reporting by businesses, as well as individuals, the use of database warrentless searches is likely to increase and may well meet judicial approval in the absence of limiting legislation.
As technology progresses, what communications are considered public increases and correspondingly the private decreases.
In a frightening new decision, a federal appeals court says that you have no expectation of privacy when the police want to track your location using your cell phone.
Mr. Eiseman, 39, and Officer Carsey, prosecutors said, said they had smelled marijuana coming from an illegally parked van