Search warrant

The Wednesday morning search was conducted by what TMZ described as “a small militia in armored trucks.”
"They took my AR," Mark McCloskey told a right-wing radio program.
Taylor, a 26-year-old Black EMT, was shot eight times by plainclothes officers serving a narcotics search warrant at her apartment in March.
Prosecutors said former officer Gerald Goines allegedly lied about evidence in order to obtain warrants to search homes and make arrests.
A special prosecutor investigating the handling of the former "Empire" actor's case in Chicago requested a year's worth of Smollett's digital footprint.
The FBI, ATF and other agencies searched the offices of Santa Barbara's Truth Aquatics, which owned the diving boat that caught fire and killed 34 people.
Some workers hired by the raided Mississippi chicken processing plants had prior immigration violations, according to unsealed court documents.
Authorities investigating Flint’s water crisis have used search warrants to seize mobile devices of former Gov. Rick Snyder and 65 other current or former officials.
The union president has accused Bill Scott of blaming rank-and-file officers for "self-preservation" after the police chief publicly apologized for the raid.
The city's police raided a reporter’s home in a probe of leaked information about Public Defender Jeff Adachi’s death.